4 Responses to “Quebec!”

  • Hey it’s Jake from MEBG
    Thank-you for bringing back my green shirt.
    I just came back from the USA (eclipse).
    Presently I am looking for my Arc’teryx cyclic jacket.
    All black… did you guys happen to take it by accident?
    It has an OGC label on the front. Maybe I lost it… but it was in the shop beside the green shirt.

    • Hannes Edinger

      Hey Jake! Glad to see, you got the shirt back. We saw the (partial) Eclipse in Quebec… nice, but not the same as the „real thing“ 🙂
      About your Arc’teryx jacket: Sorry, but we only take one shirt at a time 😉 …maybe it got between the rugs we used that evening? Best, Hannes

  • Gary Provencher

    It was really pleasant to meet you on your journey ans to offer you à camping site internet Champlain and house in Québec. I am very impress by your world tour. Just received your postcard from Iran. Many thanks for this lovely attention . Hope the road ahead Will be peacefull . Hope to ski with you someday in your country. Have a wonderful year 2018 filled with love. Sincerely. Gary.

    • Hannes Edinger

      Hey Gary! Nice to „hear“ from you again! Skiing with us: Anytime, just not this winter! We are missing the snow sometimes when friends are sending us pictures from skiing at home… but anyway – fortunately we have no reason to complain and we have tons equally nice pictures to send home 🙂 All the best! Keep in touch!