What this is about

A slow and eco-friendly journey around the world

We – Katharina and Hannes – are two passionate cyclists who love to discover the world slowly. So for a full year, the office chairs will be exchanged with bicycle saddles. In April 2017, we will start at the far west (US west coast) and try to make our way toward the orient sun.

Of course it would be somehow dull to draw a line across some continents first and then spend a year following exactly this line. Anyway …

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We have a rough idea of a route along some major long distance cycling tracks and did a coarse estimation of the time it will take us to go this distance. The red lines show where we went via bicycle, the blue ones where we went with another means of transportation. The red dashed lines show where one of us went alone by bicycle.



Who we are

Both born and grown up in Austria (Central Europe), we only met when we lived in another country. Luckily, we always have had the curiosity about new places, so the chances of living outside of Austria were actually not that little. We love to spend our times on activities like cycling (obviously), rock climbing, meeting nice people or animals, mountaineering, seeing beautiful landscapes or visiting cultural sites. During the other times, our interesting jobs in software architecture (Katharina) and civil engineering (Hannes) tend to keep us busy.